PROGRAM: Patagonia: Birds, Mammals, Mountains, Clouds and Adventures”

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dr. Lloyd Davidson, a world traveler and photographer and Conservation Chair of ENSBC, will take us on a photographic tour of the vast area of Argentina and Chile known as Patagonia, one of the least populated and most picturesque areas on earth. He and his wife Arden have visited this area, which is filled with exotic birds, such as the Andean Condor, the very large Magellanic Woodpecker and Darwin’s Rhea, as well as mammals like the Magellanic Fox and Guanacos. Remarkably rugged mountains, such as the splendid Mt. Fitzroy (named after the captain of Darwin’s ship, the Beagle) and the massive Torres del Paine and Cuernos del Paine, are often enhanced by magnificent lenticular (lens shaped) clouds hanging above them, and, along with calving glaciers, waterfalls, and surprisingly beautiful lichens and plants, such scenes make this region one of the most beautiful and interesting in the world.