PROGRAM: .“Basically Bats 101.”

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scott Heinrichs is the Founder of Flying Fox Conservation Fund in Chicago. Bats are one of the most beneficial and misunderstood of all animals. Our program is filled with information about where bats live, what they eat, and the vital contributions they make to the ecosystem. He will bring us up-to-date on White Nose. Syndrome and will bring live bats for us to touch and photograph. Bat Tee shirts will be for sale. 7:30 pm. at the Ecology Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd., Evanston, IL, park in the parking lot off of McCormick Blvd in the Ladd Arboretum. (The bridge is under construction and the street is one way towards McCormick Blvd.)