PROGRAM: More Tales from the Crypt

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More Tales From the Crypt.  The Field Museum’s Josh Engel will tell some of the stories behind the specimens. He’ll talk about the specimens collected by Nathan Leopold—half of the murdering duo Leopold & Loeb—and their connection to the famous murder. He’ll talk about feather-decorated artifacts acquired from indigenous people deep in the Amazon rainforest, and the effort to identify the feathers so that the items can be returned to those people. And he will tell stories of specimens that have come to the museum more recently—like the pelican that was killed by the fish it was trying to eat and the ducks that starved during the deep freeze of 2014. He will also discuss some of the rare birds that have crashed into Chicago’s skyscrapers and how scientists are using the thousands of birds killed by window strikes to shed new light on bird migration and other topics.