PROGRAM: “Gulls – More Than Meets the Eye”

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Amar Ayyash. Often approached with apprehension, gulls have gained a love-hate relationship with many birders. Among these larids are some of the most coveted bird species in the world, yet some are so commonplace that we don’t often give them a second look. Why should we even care about gulls? Come hear Amar Ayyash delight in this diverse group of “seabirds”. Recent genetic data and frequent hybridization in this family compel us to reassess the very concept of a species. Amar will touch on these topics as he highlights key identification field marks for separating our winter gull species. He’ll also touch on some often-ignored topics such as the aging process and molt. Come learn why an increasing number of people are being drawn to this family of birds and brush up on your gull ID skills before the Gull Frolic!