PROGRAM: “Wildlife Wonders of Brazil's Pantanal.” Presented by Josh Engel,

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Brazil’s Pantanal is home to both an enormous diversity of birds and one of the densest concentrations of large mammals anywhere in the Americas. Although it is often considered to be the world’s largest wetland, it is in reality a vast mosaic of wetlands, grassland, and lush forest. On his 2019 tour of the Pantanal and Iguaçu Falls with members of the Bird Club, Red Hill Birding’s Josh Engel and trip participants tallied 340 bird species (including top five favorites Hyacinth Macaw, Pale-crested Woodpecker, Agami Heron, Helmeted Manakin, and a tie between Sunbittern and Guira Cuckoo) and 22 mammals (including multiple views of Jaguar). Josh will share highlights of that magical experience and talk about the birds and wildlife of the Pantanal and surrounding areas.

Zoom instructions and an invitation will be sent out to members of ENSBC.

Zoom Presentation