PROGRAM: What's Happening in the Calumet?

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

"Our Calumet Area, Dynamic Changes":  Stephanie Beilke, Carl Giometti, Dan Lory, Walter Marcisz. What's been happening in the way of improvements and innovations in the Calumet region during the past five years? Our panel will discuss some of the many exciting recent developments, to include: a brief history of Calumet birding/conservation; the much-anticipated November, 2021 opening of the Ford Calumet Environmental Center; the 2021 COS Calumet Initiative; the Big Marsh MAPS banding station; and the 2021 Motus tower installation at Big Marsh. All of the presenters are current or former COS board members, and all are enthusiastic Calumet area birders! Stephanie Beilke also notably serves as Senior Manager, Conservation Science for Audubon Great Lakes.