PROGRAM: Geoff Williamson: Current status of Illinois Birds

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Geoff Williamson: Current status of Illinois Birds

At the Ecology Center, 2024 McCormick Blvd, 7: 30 pm. Social time starting at 7 pm.

                       The status and distribution of birdlife in Illinois is always shifting, though generally quite slowly. In the last several decades, however, birders have seen instances of very rapid changes. We'll look at some of what is going on from the viewpoint of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee, or IORC, by focusing on rarities. IORC maintains a "Review List" of species sufficiently rare to warrant evaluation of observational evidence of their occurrence. The stories behind movement of species on and off the Review List provide insight into how their status and distribution – or the nature of the birding community – is changing. Geoff’s presentation will be illustrated with lots of bird photos. 


                   For decades Geoff Williamson has been active in local, state, and national birding organizations. Currently he heads the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee of the Illinois Ornithological Society and is co-compiler of the Illinois-Indiana region's seasonal reports for North American Birds, the journal of ornithological record published by the American Birding Association.